Howdy, I’m James. I’m a 29 year old digital artist in Burlington, Vermont.

I started creating digital art around ten years ago, when I got my first copy of Macromedia FlashMX 2004. After seeing the amazing flash animations on Newgrounds.com, I was intrigued about making my own flash movies. This was my initial step into digital art, and at around the same time, my career in Flash development. I spent my time coding Actionscript during the day, and making art during the night. Eventually I picked up Photoshop, 3D StudioMAX, and Corel Painter during my explorations of digital art. Each one of these tools continue to play a role in my creative process.

As I became more involved in the digital art community, I joined the EvokeOne art group. I Eventually became an administrator, and helped throw one of the first digital art only live gallery events in Baltimore. In 2011 I joined Depthcore, an international collective of digital artists.

As time passed, I eventually moved into digital painting as my medium. With a focus on abstract and surreal art, I meticulously painted digital pieces at massive resolutions to produce large canvas prints. I soon had enough art to cover my apartment walls, the local art gallery, and coffee shop. During this time I took a focus in web development, and with demise of Flash, my career evolved into that of a web developer. I did that for awhile in Advertising, but I was becoming burned out, and it was affecting my art. I eventually decided to apply for all of my dream jobs, and as of 2014, I am employed at Burton Snowboards. In quick succession, I packed all my stuff, moved to Vermont in the -20 degree winter, and started anew.

I’m a big fan of digital mixed media, and thoroughly enjoy combing 3D, vector and painted elements to create a new piece. Digital art has opened up so many opportunities to utilize new tools when creating, it’s a passion of mine to try and push the movement forward.

Art has continued to be an important part of my life, and this site is a record of my creations. Enjoy!